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A Niagara Landmark – The Crowne Plaza Hotel

For over 80 years, hundreds of thousands of people have made this historic hotel their home while visiting the world renowned Niagara Falls. Millions of dollars have been spent to preserve and enhance the original elegance of this landmark building, securing its reputation as the grand lady of Niagara hotels.

I would like to give you some background information about the hotel and the surrounding area. You are invited to read on and find out what makes this niagara falls hotel stand out against the Niagara Falls River next to the Rainbow bridge in Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA. This hotel was named in honour of one of Canada – great heroes, Major General Sir Isaac Brock.

It was originally named the General Brock Hotel, and the hotel first opened for business July 1, 1929. It was then acquired by the Sheraton Hotel chain, the General Brock Hotel added two additional floors and was renamed the Sheraton Brock Hotel. In 1989, the Sheraton Brock Hotel was again renamed the Skyline Brock and then again in 2001 to the Brock Plaza Hotel. The prestige of this hotel was again enhanced on April 17, 2008, when the Brock Plaza became the Crowne Plaza Fallsview Hotel. Major General Sir Isaac Brock was originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Brock was the military commander of the British and Canadian forces during the beginning of the First World War.

A significant part of the battle between the United States and England took place along the Niagara Frontier as American troops attempted to conquer what was then the British colony of Upper Canada. In the early morning hours of October 13, 1812, a large American force crossed the Niagara River at Queenston Heights, a point approximately seven miles below the Falls. Their objective was to capture this high, prominent piece of land on the Canadian side of the river. General Brock was killed leading a charge against an American position part way up the side of the heights.

The British and Canadians, along with considerable help from many Native Americans, eventually won this battle but the loss of Brock, a greatly admired man, had been a high price to pay. His courage and heroic death became an inspiration to Canadians for the duration of the war. The Queenston Heights – battle site is now a large park dominated by a very large commemorative monument of General Major Sir Isaac Brock seen for miles around. This 190 feet high Brock Monument was completed in 1856, and features a statue of Brock at the top which people can walk up and climb the stairs inside.

It is here where the hero has been laid to rest a the foot of the Brock Monument in a vault within. The Queenston park also features recreational facilities, a restaurant, a bandshell and spectacular views from the edge of the heights looking north towards Lake Ontario. Queenston Heights is well worth a visit during your stay in Niagara.


Make Your Car Look Like New Again

When you want to improve the look of your car, most people only focus on the outside. When you go to an automatic car wash, the exterior is the only thing that gets clean. However, if you really want to improve the look of your car and get it looking like new again, you should really consider a carpet and upholstery cleaning service. The service will clean your carpeting and upholstery in your car to make it look like you just bought it.

Is Your Car’s Interior Dirty And Ugly?

Constant riding in your car can leave the carpet and upholstery looking old and worn out. Especially if dirt or mud from your or your passengers’ shoes gets on the carpet, it can begin to look really dirty and ugly. If you eat in your car, you can get grease, crumbs and more on your carpet and upholstery. This leaves your car looking like a rolling dumpster before too long. That’s why it would be a great idea to take your car to a carpet and upholstery cleaning service. These professionals do much more than simply vacuum the interior of your car. They go into great detail to make the whole of the interior looking as if you just stepped into a brand new car.

In fact, some carpet and upholstery cleaning services are so good, you won’t even recognize your car when they’re done. You’ll be glad to hand them the money they deserve when you see how they can literally transform your car. With many people having such hectic lives, we often spend more time in our cars than any other place. This leaves our cars filled with fast food bags, crumbs, dirt, spilled drinks and more. Not only does this leave your car looking nasty, but it can get to smell pretty bad, too. This can affect your mood and can make it so that you no longer want to spend any time in your car. Also, you can forget about giving anyone a ride. You’ll feel too embarrassed to let them see the inside of your car.

After a carpet and upholstery cleaning service full valet however, you will invite anyone in your car. You will love the way it looks and smells inside your car and you’ll probably want to drive everywhere because it will feel as if you just got a new car. So, stop spending time in your rolling dumpster and give your car a treat at your local carpet and upholstery cleaning service. You won’t regret it.


Build A Home Wind Turbine – How you will Benefit

Many thousands of people have invested in home wind turbines in recent years.  Home wind power systems are fast and simple to setup.  Wind power works 24 hours a day, solar does not.  This article will cover the basics of a home wind turbine and what it can do for you.

You will see many positive aspects when you make a home wind turbine.  These are what it will do for you.

-You will reduce your power bill.  Why pay the power company anymore?  Free energy will be a great thing.

-You will help to save the environment.  No more using harmful fossil fuels for you.  You will be using clean energy.

-You will be more secure.  The current power grid is not very reliable.  But you will be able to generate electricity at will.

-The process is simple.  Most people can do it in a single weekend.

First you will need to make sure you have everything ready to build you home wind turbine.  Make plans for these following items.

-Examine charts that show the average wind speed in your area.  You wind should be at least 5 mph on average.

-Scout your property for obstructions.  Keep in mind that trees do grow over time.

-No putting it on the top of you house.  Many people have suffered damage to their home doing this.  It needs to be free standing.

-Make sure you have the proper safety equipment.  It is not worth hurting yourself or anyone else.

When building a home wind turbine, you will need blades, a motor, a tower and a tail.  We will examine each.

The Rotor.  These are what catches the wind.  PVC piping works well for these.

The Directional Vein and Mount.  This will determine which way the turbine faces.  The hub will connect the blades and tail.

The Generator and Generator Cover.  Energy will actually be usable due to the action of the motor  The cover will shield it from weather.

The Support Structure.  This will lift the generator into the air.  Be sure it is set in the ground and tethered with steel cable.

Now you know just how simple a home wind turbine is.  Once you know all the basics, you should be well on your way to generating your own power.  With less than $200 invested, it will pay itself of in as little as 2 or 3 months.  Your children will thank you for helping to protect our environments future.  You still would have had all the energy you needed to turn on your lights, keep your refrigerator running so you could keep your food cold and enough power to have heating and air conditioning even if no else did just because you have a home wind turbine.

Once you decide to build a home wind turbine, you will find that the process is actually quite easy, especially with the right guide.  Be sure that you get a guide that is fully illustrated and not just a list of instructions on how it.


Select the Right Orchids for Your Purpose

It is harder to select orchids for your beginning collection than it is to grow them. While growing orchids is a feat of memory aided by experience and common sense, selection requires long association with orchids and long evenings spent studying orchid catalogues. Here are some which you can begin with.
Fragrant Orchids
Few people have made a hobby of fragrant plants. Most of us accept pleasing odors in plants as a matter of course. As a hobby this field is wide open – and extensive. Its only drawback where fragrant orchids are concerned would be finding your home or greenhouse overpoweringly perfumed – which is exactly what would happen, for many orchids have the most powerful and lasting fragrances in the plant world. Their perfumes are heavy, unusual, or exotic. They seem to fill the air of your rooms with the mysteries of the Far East or the enchantments of sun drenched tropical lands.
Most of the scent comparisons listed here are accurate, but some are necessarily approximate. Certain fragrances are tantalizing in their ability to escape identification, and are subject to as many interpretations as there are individuals who have encountered them.
Type of Fragrance Name of Orchid Species
Allspice Gongora atropurpurea
Angelica Epidendrum umbellatum
Citron Rodriguezia Candida
Coconut milk Bulbophylum comosum
Hawthorn Odontoglossum constrictum
Honey Cycnoches loddigesii
Newmown hay Oncidium ornithorynchum
Platyclinis glumacea
Wallflower Gongora galeata
Acropera loddigesii
Orchids Fragrant Only at Night
Epidendrum nocturnum
Brassavola grandiflora
Orchids That Change Their Fragrance
Primrose (morning) Honey (noon) Grass (evening) Dendrobium nobile
Pleasant by day Unpleasant by night Orchis mascula
Decorative Foliage
In any garden a background of foliage is needed to give color between blooming seasons. Unfortunately, lovely foliage is not often produced by orchids. There are few which can serve as background plants when out of bloom. Fewer still whose foliage is in itself attractive. Other than some cypripediums and phalaenopsis, good foliage orchids have very poor flowers.
Description of Foliage Name of Species
Silver and gold veining on Anoectochilus in variety
green and purple leaves
Leaves marbled, grey above, Warm Asiatic cypripediums
purplish beneath, or vari- in variety
ously tesselated
Green leaves veined with Goodyera in variety
Bronze-colored foliage Microstylis josephiana
Metallic purple and rose Microstylis metallica
Leaves marbled and Phalaenopsis schilleriana
blotched with grey above, Phalaenopsis stuartiana
purplish-red beneath
Mimicry in Orchids
There is not always a close similarity between a common orchid name and the insect or object the flower is supposed to resemble. However, without stretching your imagination too far the basic resemblance often exists. In only a few cases is the name purely fanciful.
Common Name Name of Species
Bee Ophrys apifera
Bird’’s Nest Neottia nidus-avis
Butterfly Oncidium papilio
Habenaria conopsea
Epidendrum venosum
Cranefly Tipularia discolor
Dove Peristeria elata
Fly Ophrys muscifera
Frog Oncidium raniferum
Peristylis viridis
Letter Plant Grammatophyllum speciosum
Lizard Orchis hircina
Looking Glass Ophrys speculum
Moth Phalaenopsis amabalis
Rattlesnake Goodyera pubescens
Spider Ophrys aranifera
Swan Cycnoches ventricosum
Miniature Orchids
Some people go in for collecting minute curios. Why not miniature plants? There are orchids which when full grown barely reach the stature of an inch, others that do not exceed five inches. Their cost is little compared to that of miniature furniture. Smallness in stature should not be confused with smallness in flowers, although this is frequently true. Laelia majalis may reach only five inches in height, but usually puts out a six-inch flower.
Name of Species Size in Inches
Angraecum articulatum 3-5
Angraecum distichum 1-2
Comparettia (in variety) 5-6
Cypripedium (in variety) 4-10
Dendrobium bellatulum 2-3
Dendrobium loddigesii
Laelia majalis (Syn. grandiaora) 6-7
Lycaste aromatica 3-5
Restrepia pandurata 3-5
Rodriguezia (in variety) 4-6
Saccolabium bellinum 3-6
Saccolabium calceolare 2-6
Sophronitis (in variety) 2-5
Trichocentrum (in variety) 3-6
There are many more orchids which can be selected, but these are a few which may tempt you.


Doing Your Own Gardening? Using Unsupported Gloves To Protect Your Hands

When it comes to protecting those around you, you will find that you have an enormous task. This can be as simply as keeping contaminants away from you and your workplace, or it can mean wearing surgical apparel to remain sterile and sanitary at all time. More and more professionals and workers are choosing one or more types of unsupported gloves to get the job done right safe and secure.
This may mean you need to take extra precautions, but when you are able to safely work on and around others, you will find you and your people are safe. Sometimes, you may work in housekeeping and simply not want those harsh chemicals doing a number on your hands, and other times, you may work in a sterile laboratory and need to insure that your skin oils do not get on your samples. No matter what you need, there are times when having unsupported gloves is going to protect you and/or the environment you work within.
Yes, there are many types of these unsupported gloves, and most often, these are going to be disposable gloves worn once and the disposed of in a sanitary and safe manner. You will find that ERB Safety is one company that has what it takes to keep that protective layer between you and your environment or even other people.
Let’’s take a look at some types of unsupported gloves to see what you can expect:
Yellow Latex Gloves
These are the traditional yellow latex hand wear you will see in the kitchen or lavatory, but with a whole new strength that is unmatchable. These are both FDA and USDA acceptable meeting the standards of both. You will find these come in sizes from small to extra large. Yes, there is a size for everyone! These are flock lined to insure proper absorption of perspiration. There is an embossed grip for added handling ability.
These are 12-inches in length with a handy pinked cuff for easy use and wearability. You will find these are handy for just about anything that should not come in contact with your skin such as chemicals, liquids, waste, and other such items.
Disposable Vinyl Gloves
These are disposable gloves most often found in food preparation areas. These are ambidextrous pieces of hand wear so you can wear one on either your left or right hand. These are affordable, and you will find that these 10-inch wonders are great for when you need to keep non-liquids or chemicals away from your skin. In addition, this will protect your patrons if you work in food prep reducing the possibility of spreading e-coli and hepatitis.
These are extra affordable and sold in boxes of 100 pieces or 50-pairs. You can usually get discounts when purchasing by the case. If you are not sure, be sure to ask!
Disposable Latex Gloves
Finally, you will find that there are the latex gloves. These are of pharmaceutical grade and perfect for food prep, lab work, clinic use and more. These are easy to use and of industrial strength. You will find these are perfect if you work in such an industry!